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e-College is a premier education-based initiative which provide tutoring, assignments, MCAT preparation, exam preparation assistance at a very affordable price.

An amalgam of experts from various top institutions from India. All experts are a PhD degree holder.

Why e-college

A true amalgam of professionals from Academics and Industries to help students at all level at a very affordable price.
Services Offered

Online tutoring

“We” adopt a unique way, peep inside individuals mind and deliver what is needed

What’s new?

  • New way to teach students, we believe: Every mind is unique
  • 24/7 support
  • Attractive study materials
  • After class, sharing of the recording.
  • We have teachers having best qualification in the country
  • Timings at student disposal
  • What is online tutoring?

    A virtual mode of learning, in which teacher and learner(s) are at different location physically. Since the COVID time this platform is being used worldwide. Also in some countries, especially female students hesitate in going outside for tuition or learning, this mode is a boon to them. All will get good teachers at one platform.


    (Biochemistry, Physics & Chemistry-online mode only): A dedicated team is for this prestigious exam.

    The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States, Australia, Canada and Caribbean Islands. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles and knowledge of natural, behavioral, and social science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine.

    Doubt clearing sessions

    “We” provide doubt clearing sessions if candidate is unable to understand the subject matter.
  • A lot of work and homework is given to college students which they are unable to understand and finish in the given time frame.
  • A lot of doubts appear when studying
  • Our subject expert directly solve those problem-Live-On Demand, at a very affordable price
  • The session video is also shared with the student
  • Assignments

    A strong and dedicated team of specialists makes the problem easy and easier to understand.

    Kindly mention your assignment details and deadline
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    Special Services


  • Customized videos: On request from buyer. The video is made on some scientific topic or subtopic related to academics or competition.
  • Resume and graphic design service: A high effect and impressive resume designing and graphic designing experts are available.
  • IELTS preparation (online mode only): We provide faculty to the students for preparation and assessment.
  • Exam preparation: We have a team to assist students for their sessional and final exam preparation. We also provide notes, if needed.
  • Placement assistance and Guidance (PAG): Candidates looking for job can apply here. A dedicated team is looking into this and helps in placement. (In India only)
  • Student Review


    My name is Valicia Chetty from South Africa, I graduated with a Bsc Biochemistry Physiology 2021 with the help of Dr Vartika Sinha, We had excellent zoom classes and I haven't had that help for years!

    Valicia Chetty
    Students Of

    Thanks e college and Prof for the videos I managed to pass my biochemistry with just 76% on the second half of the year ... really appreciate the work that you do❤️

    Mofenyi Masiga, South Africa

    I was badly in need when I found you. I scored 82% in a very tough Biochemistry UnderGraduate paper of Georgia, USA.Thank you so much Dr. Vartika. Thank you ecollegesolutions...

    Lubna Hirani
    Georgia, USA

    I met Dr. Vartika Sinha in a group about biochemistry and then there was a time when I didn't understand our lesson at school, so I decided to drop a comment on her post and ask for her tutorial, she was nice and didn't hesitate to help me with my problem. She did a video lesson about the topic I’m confused with and posted it on youtube after that she send me the link for me to watch. It was very helpful and it gives me clear understanding of the topic. If you have any problem or you have lessons about biochemistry that you couldnt understand dont hesitate to Go on ecollesolutions and ask for help.


    I really did well in my exams because of They have a strong and dedicated team which are active 24/7. I would recommend all my friends to go on the website for any assignments or tutoring help.

    Ej Blasquino, Philippines

    I found Dr. Vertika in my final exam time and she and her team helped a lot in my Chemistry assignments. So lucky and grateful to found

    Mimie Charles, Nigeria

    I found Dr. Vertika on Facebook and from there my journey on has started. She helped me in scoring better grades in my Undergraduate exams and I am really thankful to her and her team...Thank you

    Mohammad Ibraheem
    Alsheyab, Zordan

    Dr. Vartika Sinha is a good tutor. She tutored me for Biochemistry and because of her support I was always ready for the exams. I earned an 94% in the course. She was very patient with making sure that the information she was teaching me I understood. If you need a tutor I 100% recommended her services. Thank you ecollegesolutions...

    Jason Gomez
    Bachelor of Chemistry

    Would definitely reccomend tutoring as it was a great help! I have never had such an amazing interaction for Biochemistry.

    Illinois, USA

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    e-College is a premier education-based initiative which provide tutoring, assignments, MCAT preparation, exam preparation assistance at a very affordable price.